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Color Powder Safety and Clean Up

The following information comes from the website of the supplier of the color powder that we will use for the Color Run. For more information, visit the supplier’s site:

A copy of the Safety Data Sheet for the Color Powder is available here:

Is Color Powder Safe?

Safety is our main priority! Our colors are made with high quality cornstarch, food dyes and baking soda. All materials are 100% FD&C and/or D&C approved. Our color powder contains natural fire retardant materials that dramatically reduce fire risk. However, cornstarch in a dust state can be flammable under certain conditions. Out of an abundance of caution do not use near open flame, smoking materials or other ignition sources. If you would like a copy of the Safety Data Sheets please contact us at 888-252-6567 or email us at

Does Color Powder Contain Gluten or other common allergens?

Our color powder is gluten free and does not contain dairy, nuts, wheat, soy or other common allergens. Although it is made from all food safe ingredients, it is not created in a food safe facility and is not intended for human consumption.

Is Color Powder harmful if you inhale it?

Although all the materials are food grade we do not recommend inhaling large quantities of color powder.It should always be used in well ventilated outdoor space and when throwing at participants you should aim for the chest area.

Anyone who has asthma, is allergic to any of the ingredients or has any respiratory issues should exercise caution when participating in color powder events.

Does Color Powder Stain Clothing?

Our color powder washes out of most clothing. However, it can stain some materials. 100% cotton clothing is recommended and typical machine washing with stain remover, removes the stains. We recommend removing excess powder from clothing before washing and/or applying water.

How Do I Keep the Color in My Shirt From A Color Fun Run?

While some people are concerned with making sure that the color washes out of clothing others want to show off their colors.  We have detailed instructions on how to keep the color in your color fun run shirt on our blog.

Does Color Powder Stain Skin or Hair?

Just as with clothing we recommend shaking off all excess powder before exposing to water. Normal soap and water should remove color powder from skin and hair. Some color does tend to linger for a few days especially on blonde hair. If you are worried about staining, we recommend applying a moisturizer to skin and coating your hair with a small amount of coconut or olive oil before the event.

Will Color Powder Stain Cement or Grass?

Most color powder can be removed from cement and streets with a hose. If needed some liquid detergent and a power washer can help remove the powder. Normal liquid dish detergent and/or de-greaser will remove Color Powder from cement and paved areas. Simply running the sprinklers and/or mowing the grass will remove color powder from grassy areas.

Can I Use Color Powder on my School Track?

No, you should not use color powder on school tracks. There are many different track surfaces and we can’t guarantee that the color will not stain. We recommend keeping the color powder in a grassy area where the sprinklers or Mother Nature can wash it away.

Can I Use Color Powder Indoors?

No. Color Powder is intended for use outdoors in a well ventilated area and should be kept away from open flame.

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